Carrion Eater (real name unknown) is a hemomancer and one of the beings staying at Oliver's Orphanage during it's existence. He's one of the few humans at the Orphanage, as well as one of the most powerful ones and one of the most dangerous.


Most of Carrion Eater's past is a mystery, as he himself doesn't have much recollection of his life. The earliest memory he has is waking up in a cave in the remains of a long dead dragon, a dagger with a crimson dragon covering the handle and blade. Ever since then, he's traveling around the world, looking for powerful beings' blood to consume and continue growing in strength. Then, he came across the Orphanage, and he now resides there.


Carrion's true age is unknown, but his physical age is around 17. He is five foot four and wears a mask that resembles a reaper face. His usual outfit consists of black and red hoodie with a reaper image on the back with the word "reap what you sow" on the front a pair of gray jeans and a set of black leather mountain boots.

Carrion's Mask

Carrion's signature mask