Kari Carter Edit

From: Silvia, Yogloft, Yarmyth.

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single, but not interested in a relationship.

Species: Plasma Dragon

Height and Weight: 5'6", about 130 pounds.

Eye Color, Hair Color, and Skin Color: Navy cat like eyes, Very dark blue hair, almost black, and pale skin.

Occupation: In the process of training

Special Abilities: Increased strength, mobility, sight, can wield anything to do with Plasma, is able to eat plasma as well, and anything that has plasma in it (Ex: Fire, Lightning, stars, etc.) She can move at the speed of light. Is able to switch to her human form, and true form, her true form being a dragon, not much larger than an elephant.

Weeknesses: Small spaces, large amounts of people in one place, her family/friends 

Appearance: Large black wings, a tail with dark navy scales, scales that line her hairline, go behind her ears, down the back of her neck, over her shoulders, down the sides of her arms, down the spine of her back, around her hips and a line of scales that travel down the side of her leg. Both her hands and her feet are covered in Scales. A snake like tongue.