Full name: Serinna Rachel Matthews

Other known aliases:  Little miss pretty in pink-( By TristanGyle), Princess-(Jimmeh Matthews/Brother), Serinny-(Chase Wilson.)

Gender: female

Age: 4-6

Species: Demigod/Human/Witch/Clairvoyant

Usually seen with: Giles/other friends

History: Serinna was born to an odd family, her mother being Gaia, or mother earth, her father Cyn Matthews, a human legend among gods, as well as a manga and gaming expert, three siblings, two older sets of twins, a boy, Jimmeh,who loves Serinna with all his heart, and a girl Jimmie, who seems she couldn’t care much for her siblings. And her own twin brother Zeno. They have an odd family, And are not very close to their parents. She and a few of her siblings eventually wind up at her uncle’s orphanage, after that, she and her brother end up in their older sister Jimmie’s care.

Powers and abilities: Serinna was born with clairvoyance, Giving her the power to read people’s minds, which she hardly ever uses, except on her constant companion, Giles, a stuffed toy Rabbit.Giles is able to teach her magic, and give her magic, which is a major ability that she uses quite often.

Appearance: Serinna has light mousy brown hair, that frames her face with light curls, usually wears a bow in her hair, and has big bright green eyes.She is almost always blushing. Her favorite color is pink, and she is always seen in this color.

About Giles:  Giles isn’t just any stuffed BunnyRabbit toy. Giles is the soul of a man, who in his past studied magic, and is very intelligent with the dark arts, as well as other forms of magics. Giles’s soul was placed in the stuffed toy, shortly after he died, being stored there, he was trapped in the rabbit, not able to talk or move, only think, luckily for him, serinna is able to hear his thoughts, which is how they communicate.

Characters were created by: Amber Guajardo